In-Town Activities

Nearly 20 miles of hiking trails are immediately accessible in Jacksonville.  Thanks to the foresight of a number of people and organizations, 320 acres have been protected to retain open space for recreational use as well as a visual buffer from surrounding development. The trails range in distance and incline to offer a variety in levels of difficulty, however all trail are manageable for all except those with limited mobility.

In addition to the physical benefits of hiking, the trails offer abundant views of the valley and surrounding mountains as well as the trailside views of the native habitats.  Getting off of pavement and being surrounded by nature has an incredibly relaxing effect and is another great way of connecting with the local community.

For wild flower enthusiasts spring is an excellent time for viewing the local flora.  The trails include several ecological zones, mixed woodland, oak woodland and riparian.  There are plant guides available at the trail heads.  Be sure to pay special attention to our local favorite – Gentner’s Frittilaria – one of Oregon’s rarest plants found only in this region.

You can also enjoy a self-guided audio tour of the historic mining sites along the Sarah Zigler Trail, the Jackson Forks Trail, and the Panorama Point Trail. Download Tours Narration and Tour Map.